Best beaches in Rhodes

Top 10 best beaches

Rhodes has many wonderful beaches and several of them have an exciting history. The diversity is vast and includes small, cosy bays, vibrant town beaches and unique natural beaches.

This Top 10 has something for every taste.


No. 1: Tsambika
The best beach in Rhodes is Tsambika, which is an impressive sand beach on the east coast of the island. The beach is located in beautiful and undisturbed surroundings between the mountains and there are no nearby holiday resorts. Tsambika has all the necessary facilities, including beach restaurants, and is very child-friendly. Definitely worth a visit!

Prasonisi Rhodes

No. 2: Prasonisi
Prasonisi on the south point of Rhodes is also a unique natural treasure. At high tide, Prasonisi is a small island, but at low tide, a sandhill makes it into a peninsula. There are two large beaches, of which the most windy one is the preferred playground for wind and kitesurfers in Rhodes. The other one is perfect for sunbathers and families. If you have rented a car, this natural treasure is a must-see.

Faliraki beach

No. 3: Faliraki
Faliraki is the largest holiday resort in Rhodes. This is particularly due to the very long sand beach, stretching out in front of the holiday resort. The beach has all facilities, including a fine selection of water sports activities, and behind the beach, there are many bars, cafés and restaurants. The beach is very child-friendly with shallow and usually calm water.

St. Pauls Bay

No. 4: St. Pauls Bay
St. Pauls Bay is an almost closed bay with a view of the Acropolis near Lindos. The bay has two beaches in beautiful surroundings. The largest beach is located in the southern end of the bay and is one of the few man-made beaches in Rhodes. A nice beach in peaceful surroundings and with very child-friendly water.


No. 5: Glystra
Glystra is a lovely natural beach on the east coast north of the holiday resort Kiotari. A beautiful sand beach with crystal clear water, which is also shallow and suited for children. The beach has all the necessary facilities, including a small family-owned beach café.


No. 6: Pefkos
Pefkos is a small and relatively unknown holiday resort south of Lindos. Right in front of the town, there is a lovely long sand beach with a view over the mountains. The beach has all the necessary facilities, but is very calm and child-friendly.


No. 7: Lindos
Lindos is a great town, but so is the beach! From the golden sand on the beach, you have a marvellous view of the historical town and the Acropolis above it. You cannot get a much better view than that. With its shallow and calm water, the beach is also very child-friendly.

Anthony Quinn beach

No. 8: Anthony Quinn
The beach Anthony Quinn is named after the popular actor with the same name. After having filmed ”The Guns of Navarone” in Rhodes, the actor bought the beach, but the purchase was annulled at a later time. The beach has a lovely location inside a magnificent rocky bay, perfect for a romantic trip to the beach.


No. 9: Ladiko
Ladiko is located in the bay next to the beach Anthony Quinn, and is almost just as breathtaking. The many rocks in the water make the bay perfect for snorkelling, but less suited for families with small children.

Elli beach

No. 10: Elli
Elli is close to the city of Rhodes and the most popular town beach on the island. There are many restaurants and beach bars, particularly in the southern end near the Mandraki harbour, which attracts a lot of young people. A lovely vibrant town beach, which is more peaceful in the northern end.

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